About us


The RBMN  was formed in June 2013  by a group of physicians from Cairo University  to foster the exchange of information on regenerative and bionic medicine. Being established in Egypt, the network is considered the first in the Middle East and Africa to merge the two fields  in one network.
Our mission is to assemble, connect and bring together scientists, researchers, clinicians, engineers, and other professionals from various institutes, universities and companies to work together to promote the study of stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterials, cloning, gene therapy, nanotechnology, mechanical devices, bioinformatics and robotics for the prevention of disease, the enhancement of the normal functions of the body and/or the repair/replacement of damaged organs. 

Our aims:
- Provide resources for the public on regenerative medicine, stem cell technologies, and bionic medicine including achievements, research ethics, benefits, and future goals.

- Support scientific research in the aforementioned fields.

- Create events, symposia, conferences, seminars, or other scientific meetings for the exchange of information related to the latest scientific discoveries, and for planning of future steps needed to move scientific research forwards.

- Integrate with other networks globally.

- Initiate connections with other universities, hospitals and research institutes.

- Promote the importance of robotics/bionics in the medical field.
Our vision is to become the main scientific hub for regenerative and bionic medicine in the Middle East and Africa, especially in Egypt. We also aim to become an internationally recognized network for connecting scientists and researchers across the globe to push science from bench to bedside

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