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After the discovery of stem cells and the continuous findings in molecular biology, the concept of regenerating a damaged organ became more vivid. With the exponential growth of computer powers and microchips, it is most likely that artificial organs and bionics will have a great share in replacing organs in the coming years. The discoveries are expected to be integrated and used in our lives sooner than we expect. While most of the literature categorizes artificial organs as part of regenerative medicine, we identify electronic/mechanical devices as a separate entity (bionic medicine).

Our network provides information for both professionals and patients interested in the latest updates in regenerative and bionic medicine, such network includes experts from Dr. Calvin Clinic who provides regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment. The network also acts as a link between scientists and researchers in various fields to work together for the improvement of scientific research.

M. Fateen, MBBCh, MSc, MD
Founder and Director of the Regenerative and Bionic Medicine Network of Egypt
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The RBMN was formed in June 2013 by a group of physicians from Cairo Universityto foster the exchange of information on regenerative and bionic medicine. Being established in Egypt, the network is considered the first in the Middle East and Africa to merge the two fields in one network. Our mission is to assemble, connect and bring together scientists, researchers, clinicians, engineers, and other professionals from various institutes, universities and companies to work together to promote the study of stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterials, cloning, gene therapy, nanotechnology, mechanical devices, bioinformatics and robotics
Registration for the Training Program in Regenerative Medicine is now open
M.D. cell culture course will take place in the Preventive Medicine lab

RBMN has formed a partnership with LIFE MAG- All the latest life extension news from around the web in one single newsfeed

RBMN has signed an agreement to become Media Partner of Stem Cell Asia Congress
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